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Get The Free Videos

This is where you can download the free guitar lessons. You'll get guitar video lessons, chord and lyric sheets and guitar tabs where appropriate.

Individual Songs

This is where you'll find every song on the site. Each one comes with at least one video lesson, a performance play thru video, full tabs, chords and lyrics.

Artists Collections

This is the place to learn EXACTLY how those great guitarists are playing the songs you love. You'll get a video lesson for each song, a video play thru where you can watch it being played along with the original track, and PDFs of the lyrics and chords and tabs.

Beginner's Repertoire

Never played guitar before? Or know a few chords but not enough songs all the way through? Check out this instant repertoire of easy strumming songs designed for beginners or very early players.

Fingerstyle Instrumental

This is where to come if you really don't want to sing! All the melody, harmony and rhythm right there in the guitar part and your fingers.

Coming Up Next

Click here to see which artists or songs are coming next or to make a request for your favourite.

Easy Songs

'Easy' means you are beyond absolute beginner stage but still feel like you have a little way to go to get good.

Intermediate Songs

You're well past beginner stage - in fact you can play the guitar quite well now. But you still see a number of folks who you think are better than you and you're looking to advance.

Advanced Songs

'Advanced' is for guys and gals who can play guitar already and are looking for quite advanced material that they either haven't come across yet, or haven't tried to master.

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