Eric Clapton – Before You Accuse Me

Difficulty Level: Advanced but includes a simplified version which is intermediate

This preview video contains selected clips taken from  the complete lesson for the song Before You Accuse Me.  clapton_acoustic

The complete song lesson contains 4 lesson videos ( the song as-played by Eric is broken down into 3 sections, plus there’s a bonus lesson with a simplified version), 4 performance play thru videos, full tabs and chords and lyrics sheet. You’ll receive a link to download the lessons which will download as 4 zip files of between 148mb and 240mb containing all the lesson content.

Price: $8.97
Intermeditae / Advanced - 803 Mb

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This song is a hybrid arrangement for one guitar, based on the original, which actually uses two guitars.

What Do I Need to Play the Videos?

They’ll download in a zip file so you need to be able to unzip one of those. The videos are .mp4 files. They’ll play on Macs or Windows PCs and most mobile devices. The tabs, chords and lyrics are PDF files.


  1. Jerry,
    I am very interested in this lesson….if you are taking suggestions for future songs, please include “Rocking Chair” from the Eric album CLAPTON. Thanks for the lessons…. PEACE

  2. This MP4 is great for “blue’s jammin’ with a blues harp, quite apart from the guitar lessons, this song REALLY lends itself to easily “bending” a few notes on the old ‘suck n blow’ simple style 10 note harp.

    I used a cheap “A” (pitch) for “E” key Hohner Silverstar and despite the fact I am a rank amature with a harmonica it sounds GREAT played on top of your lesson.. WOW .. Went & bought myself a neck harness to acompany myself with the harp WHILE I play this on the old Fender 12 string.. My “party” cred just went up 50%. Star Harmonica player after just two u-tube free lessons! It honestly sounds like I’m a ‘musician’.

  3. This is a great addition and I’m really looking forward to the challenge of trying to play like Clapton. In addition, at $8.97 I thank you for making these videos so affordable.
    I travel frequently and if not for youtube and Jerry’s Guitar Bar, my guitar would be collecting dust in a closet. Please consider adding Clapton’s Drifting.

  4. A great sounding track/lesson Jerry. I’m not much of an acoustic blues player but I”ll have a go. BTW what make of guitar is that…sounds really good.

    Kind regards

  5. Hi Jerry,
    I’m so glad that you are giving blues guitar lessons, and especially Clapton’s songs!
    When will the songs below be available by you? Is it being sold as a package or each track separately? I hope it is a package deal.
    The full list will be: Before You Accuse Me; Ramblin’ On My Mind; Key To The Highway; Kind Hearted Woman; Outside Woman Blues; San Francisco Bay Blues; Sunshine of Your Love.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Stephen,

      Right now I had planned to make them available individually because I didn’t want you to have to wait for the full package to be completed. One of them will be free (I haven’t decided which one yet).

  6. I’m right along with all the other comments about the wonderful pieces through the years I have learned, and added to my portfolio.
    Thank you to all of you, Nick, Mike and Jerry.
    Many more songs to learn.

  7. Please advise if this price includes only 1 song or several??

  8. Allan Schrattenholz

    Hi Jerry.
    You are indeed a skilled guitarist and teacher. During the years i have benefit from your participance at Mikes website. I love Clapton and has a few lesson from elsewhere. Look forward to see lessons from your hand. How many songs for a set are you planning and which songs has you planned to include and to what price? I know for sure that you put a great work in these lessons but i hate to buy one song and then later discus with myself whether i should buy a set with songs included that i already have. I welcome these songs from Clapton very much, especially because they often include finger-style parts as well as more rhythmic parts.
    The best wishes for your website. Look forward to follow.
    Best regards

    • Hi Allan,

      Most of the songs will include fingerstyle parts including thei one. I think the only two that won’t are Sunshine of Your Love and San Francisco Bat Blues.

      The full list will be: Before You Accuse Me; Ramblin’ On My Mind; Key To The Highway; Kind Hearted Woman; Outside Woman Blues; San Francisco Bay Blues; Sunshine of Your Love.

      If the lessons are popular I’ll add Driftin’.

  9. Hey Mike. Great to see your familiar name pop up on the site too!

  10. I have followed Mike Herbert from almost his beginning on the internet. Thanks to both of you for all the help. I have purchased a number of downloads in the previous years, but not so much currently. Still love seeing you in my in box.

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