John Denver Guitar Lessons

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These John Denver guitar lessons, including seven of his greatest hits, will teach you how to play exactly the way John Denver does. john denver guitar lessons


Although he uses a 12-string guitar as often as he uses a 6-string, all the John Denver guitar lessons are taught on a 6-string. If you’re lucky  enough to have a 12-string, you’ll find that playing them the way they’re taught here will sound even closer to the original.

Get ready to enjoy these songs of love, music and mountain tops. The most accurate John Denver guitar lessons available anywhere!

Which Songs Are Included?

If you don’t want to buy the whole collection you can buy individual songs. Just click on any song and scroll down to find John Denver.

Annie’s Song


I’m Sorry

Leaving On a Jet Plane (FREE)

My Sweet Lady

Sunshine On My Shoulders

This Old Guitar

What Will You Get?

For each song, you’ll receive a play thru video to performance standard, and a guitar lesson video. You’ll also receive the full tabs and a songsheet with chords and lyrics. The videos are in mp4 format. Everything you need to learn these great songs is in the package. It’s all downloadable so you’ll receive instantly a link to download each song. If you add to your trusted senders list it should ensure that the link gets to you, rather than lost in your junk mail folder.

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  1. Hi,
    John Denver did a beautiful song on his best of live wildlife concert CD in 1995 called “Darcy Farrow”. I bought a DVD of Pete Huttlinger which teaches one to play this song, unfortunately it only shows one the introduction. My question is could this be included in the list?

  2. Hi Jerry

    I lime your way of teaching and wanted to try to learn a song so I tried to download John Denver’s Jet Plane, but it won’t download. Is there something I’m not doing?


  3. Just purchased the John Denver collection. I dont know that you have my e-mail address. It is Hope to receive soon. Thank you,

    Fred Pineda




  5. Really enjoyed My Sweet Lady, Jerry–very accessible even for someone with very modest guitar skills like me!


  6. ?
    Why would you choose
    not to include
    Rocky Mt High.

    Just curious.

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